Limby Hall PA will help you develop your business.  You can feel confident that whilst I concentrate on the smaller, detailed tasks you can focus your valuable time on driving your business forward.

I offer executive level, virtual assistant support to you, your team or customers.

How can a virtual PA help you?

As an outsourced admin function, I work from the comfort of my home office using my own laptop.  The benefit to you is you only pay me for the time that I work; this is especially relevant as you can determine whether that is on an ad-hoc basis or for a longer project.  Consequently, I can fill a gap in your existing framework or support you during peak periods; so, therefore you decide whether I work with you for one hour, one week or even six months.  Furthermore, I am responsible for my own holiday and sick pay, tax and national insurance.  More importantly, I am also self-motivated and invested in ensuring you and your business continue to grow.