There is a wealth of business tools out there, designed to help small businesses run smoother and more efficiently. You only have to run an online search to find them. But it isn’t always easy to find ones that are genuinely good. To do that, you will need to do a little more research – asking in business groups for recommendations, etc.

However, as a VA I use a wide variety of tools for my own business and when managing my client accounts. So, it’s only fair that I share the good ones with you! So here are the seven essential business tools I think all small business owners should use.


7 Essential business tools every business owner needs


#1: LastPass

LastPass personal password manager that enables you to store passwords securely online and on your phone. You can also use it to create strong passwords and 2-factor authentication codes (with the authenticator app). Data is encrypted at device level and it stores all your passwords in a secure vault. LastPass has both free and paid account options and is perfect for securely sharing passwords with your VA or clients. I consider this tool one of the most essential business tools for all businesses.


#2: ProWriting Aid

ProWriting Aid is a writing app that enables you to check any written creation for spelling and grammatical errors. It helps you cut down on difficult to read sentence structures as well as mistakes in punctuation and style. ProWriting Aid has a basic free account, but you will need a paid account to access all the enhanced features.


#3: MileIQ

This mileage tracking and logging app is one of those essential business tools for anyone who needs to record mileage for tax purposes, on-site visits, or business expenses. Available on iOS and Android, it also has a web dashboard for editing and sorting your journeys. The free version of MileIQ enables you to complete 40 trips a month – if you do more, you will need to upgrade to the paid version.


#4: Toggl

If you are looking to track your time, Toggl is the app you need! It can track your daily activities, as well as any client work you may do, to ensure you are accurately invoicing them for your time. It also syncs effortlessly between your phone and laptop, so you can work on projects and record the time spent, wherever you are. You can use the free account to get basic tracking capabilities on up to 5 members of your team.


#5: Loom

As business tools go, Loom is a great one! It’s a nice little video recording tool, enabling you to record from your camera, phone, microphone and desktop, easily and effortlessly. It’s perfect for doing quick screen recordings if you want to create how-to videos, quick reminders for yourself, or personalised videos for your clients and customers. You can use a free account for basic recording but will need a paid account for advanced editing (including drawing tools and call to action functionality).


#6: Colorzilla

Colorzilla is a handy little extension for your Google Chrome or Firefox browser bar. It enables you to get a colour reading from any part of a browser or webpage. It’s perfect for anyone looking to get accurate colour matches for graphic design work, or anyone looking to analyse pages for colour palette ideas.


#7: Bokio

Bokio is cloud-based free accounting software for small businesses. It enables you to easily send and track invoices, manage your VAT return and get on top of your bookkeeping. Bokio gives you unlimited invoicing functionality, automated bank feeds, expense management and smart bookkeeping templates. It is one of the essential business tools you need – plus it is free if you do your books yourself – making it a perfect tool for all business owners.


If you are looking to outsource tasks, it is essential you outsource to someone who is comfortable using the business tools you use or who can suggest the best tools for the job. I personally recommend and use all the above tools, either for my own business or those of my clients. So if you either use the above or are looking for a VA that can set them up for you, why not get in touch and let’s see how I can help.