About Me

My ‘Sunday’ name is Samantha-Teri Palmer-Granville, but please call me Sam. I am true to my name – short and straightforward. I love processes, and if you don’t have one in place, then I will help develop it for you; I also believe that the devil is in the detail. I am conscientious, reliable and great at multi-tasking; in addition, I work well under pressure.

I live in Leicestershire but work virtually around the UK with clients who are struggling to find the time to breathe, or need more hours in the day; clients who need help with a specific skill set and who have heard of the elusive concept – work-life balance.

At this point you could be forgiven for thinking that I offer yoga or meditation; I don’t. What I can do is work with you, either side by side as a traditional PA or I can focus on specific projects; liaising as necessary with your clients or suppliers, freeing up your valuable time and enabling you to concentrate on what you do best.

I have Professional Liability Insurance renewed for 2022.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

  • I have spent most of my career working for World Class brands; In 2016, I took the leap and launched Limby Hall PA.
  • I have worked as an executive-level PA; responsible for secretarial and administrative tasks, including coordinating travel and accommodation, scheduling meetings, minute taking and managing emails.
  • As a product manager, I worked within cross-functional teams developing swimwear and apparel ranges; which included sourcing products, researching competitors and setting margins. I also managed budgets and presented to key account customers.
  • Within marketing roles, I have organised attendance at key commercial events. My tasks included sourcing branding and establishing event schedules while communicating the project status to stakeholders.

If you are struggling to see the wood for the trees, then please Contact Me to see how I can help.

During Sam’s nine years with Speedo, she proved herself to be a committed, loyal and hard-working member of the team; where she showed great enthusiasm within all of her roles and was a key member of the teams she worked with. Sam’s interpersonal and communication skills allowed her to develop strong productive working relationships not only internally but also with our athletes and coach’s as well as agents and event partners.

Sam created a new brand and customer base (Again Faster – Boxshop). Beacuse of her attention to detail and her ability to implement strategies to develop and expand the existing customer base, she increased monthly orders for Boxshop by 34% ‘year on year’, this included supervising production schedules and quality with external partners. She also saved the company up to 37% by negotiating better margins with key suppliers.

Sam showed a notable aptitude for Marketing and Social Media for the Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine, she managed all social media programs; including our internet forum, blog and social networking applications for the Concept2.

Sam dealt with incoming and outgoing email correspondence for all ntl: home customer queries and answered customer questions regarding products, pricing and availability in a timely and professional manner. Due to Sam’s tenacity and diligence in attention to detail plus her strong work ethic and communications skills I believe she was a great asset.

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