So if you’re thinking that you need help but have no idea with what or where to even start, please review this small example of services that I can offer; if something jumps out as an obvious win for you, then great! If not, then don’t worry, I have broad experience and many strengths (did I mention that I’m modest) so I’m sure I can help you, and if I can’t then, I will be able to help find the right support for you. Please Contact Me to discuss further.

  • Organise & maintain diaries and make appointments
  • Schedule conference calls and follow-up calls
  • Research and book meeting space
  • Order supplies
  • Carry out background research and present findings
  • Produce documents, briefing papers, reports and presentations.
  • Research travel options (inc flights, trains, airport parking and hire car)
  • Book travel option and confirm the itinerary
  • Source necessary visas
  • Book accommodation.
  • Research venue or work with the organiser to book stand space
  • Liaise with contractors to build the stand
  • Complete risk assessment paperwork
  • Manage budgets
  • Co-ordinate and source promotional materials and event branding
  • Organise travel and accommodation.
  • Coordinate research
  • Create and distribute questionnaires/surveys
  • Design and create emails
  • Send ‘snail’ mailings (special announcements, holiday and birthday cards).
  • Competitor research
  • Product research
  • Speaking engagement research
  • Topic research.
  • Conduct competitor research both on-line and in market
  • Review available products
  • Work with Merchandisers to source suitable factories and products
  • Set pricing to match required margins and budgets
  • Liaise with designers to ensure the product is within cost and time-frame required.


With regards to my pricing, for ad-hoc hours then I charge £30.00 per hour with a minimum amount billed at the end of the month of one hour.

If purchasing the following hours as a retainer each month then my hourly rate is –

£30.00 up to 5 hours

£28.00 5-10 hours

£25.00 10 hours plus 

I use an online timing system called Toggl to record my work & I then generate a report at the end of the month.

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